Steven Sgambati

Certified Instructor

Steven Sgambati is a Certified Pilates Reformer Instructor, TRX Certified and Personal Trainer. Steven began his personal trainer apprenticeship at the age of 20 through the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders), mentored by founder Joe Weider who set Steven up to operate his own gym. In addition to using The Weider System with all it's equipment, Steven also trained his clients using his own Free Weight Suspension System utilizing a stairway, 3 chairs and a wide grip chin up bar, emphasizing that stretching the muscles throughout each exercise (dynamic stretching) gets the best results...long, lean muscle. Steven has been using this workout for the past 30 years bringing onsite training to numerous organizations and individuals including police officers and firefighters throughout Orange County, NY and Christian Life Center, West Milford, NJ where he served as a youth group leader for two years.

This lifelong passion of helping others with physical fitness has taken on a new dimension since Steven was introduced to Pilates. 'My sister Lori (OnCore owner) took me through the Pilates Reformer workout in 2012, I was amazed with all that it covered...core strengthening throughout, dynamic stretching, high intensity intervals (the most effective way to strengthen your heart and burn fat), all incorporated into a full body workout...accomplished in one hour! The results I see here at OnCore speak for itself...increased strength, flexibility and improved muscle tone on new members within 4-6 weeks! The Pilates Reformer is the best system out there to attain a well-balanced body, I recommend it to everyone.'