Here is where you will find new announcements and updates about the studio. If you did not receive our email on Wednesday, March 18, please check your "junk" or "spam" email folders.

3/29/20 Some of our virtual classes require props. To know which props are used in the class you will be taking, simply click on the class title and a description of the class and a list of the props used will appear.
Below are links to Amazon where these items for virtual classes can be ordered and delivered to your home if desired. Please feel free when ordering items to choose whatever pounds or measure of resistance that will work best for you. *If items are unavailable you can choose comparable items

Start Date: April 1st
Participants: Up to 20
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: $15 per class (single session) - $70 for 5 pack
  • All family members can join in!
  • The virtual class schedule is only shown in the RIDGEWOOD location for sign up
  • If you click on the "class title" of the class you want to take, it will tell you the props needed for that particular class. It is also listed per class in the email.
  • Amazon links are provided below to purchase any items for the classes you choose to take or you can use various household items instead.
To purchases classes through our website:
  • Log into the OnCore website
  • Go to Online Store
  • Go to "Services & Membership"
  • Click on drop down box
  • Select "Virtual Classes"
  • Choose which class to purchase
  • Click "Check Out"
To purchase classes through the OnCore app:
  • Log into branded OnCore app
  • Open top left icon (3 bars)
  • Choose "Buy"
  • Choose "Virtual Classes"
  • Select single session or 5 pack
  • Add payment method/ Buy
An email will be sent to you through OnCore 15 minutes prior class with a link attached. Simply click on the link and it will take you to Once on Zoom click on "join meeting" at the scheduled time AND ENJOY YOUR CLASS!!
3/21/2020 As of 3/18/2020, all memberships have been frozen for 30 days as we continue to monitor the situation. Right now we are working on providing some virtual classes for you and your family to enjoy from the instructors that you know and love!

Let's stay connected and healthy while we are at home.

Also, if you are not connected with us on our Facebook page or Instagram, now is the time to do so. Some of our announcements will also be posted there.